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i know almost all of us know what's happening, again.
if you haven't read the news, read it here from [ profile] bunnyandclover and here from [ profile] transitions101

this is irritating and sad. i'm so disappointed. if i didn't join LJ this year, i doubt i would know these news. maybe it would've been better not to know (in my part) because i get too disappointed that such people in the fandom are doing it and are still existing. but then, its better to know, so they'd stop doing it and learn to respect other people in the fandom and the hard work they've been giving just to share to people like us who can't understand japanese.

they just don't get it. :/ now, it wouldn't be a shock if all communities here will stop taking new members. and there are still communities i would've loved to join. :((

i hope they would stop doing this. it's not fair to all the subbers and raw providers out there! if they want respect they should give respect, especially to themselves! :/

not all of us have access to every Arashi-related videos. they shouldn't encourage cheating. they should have recommended LJ and then explore. since we are giving every effort to download and wait for the subbers to release, they should too! i don't always have the time to download but i make time, and my internet connection is slow. its not really a problem for me since not everything in life is easy to get and free.

since they joined LJ communities, they should've understood every single rule and followed them. they're selling the works of other people for Christ's sake! not nice at all. selling someone else's release is very disappointing. its not easy to make a good project because it takes time and effort to do so. they're giving up free time to give us a good release and its not fair to disrespect them since they're doing their best.

i hope this will be the last. we should not break the rules of the communities we're in. their trust is very important if we still want those free releases.
i'm not a subber, raw provider, timer or anything. i leech from them. so, the least i can do is respect them, the rules, their releases. i always make it a point to thank them for the releases because its not their job, they're doing it because they want to share. they have real lives to take care of.


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