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im not a blogger..

i thought it was enough for me to just register and explore.
but i think it would be nice to have some entries here to be read by someone and try not to be a leech to other people (members of LJ) where i read and benefit in their posts. especially my friends and the communities i am a member of.

i am an ARASHIan eversince and i love fangirling about them that's why i entered LJ but i don't really post, it's just not my thing. not only ARASHI but almost all of johnny's. i am also a kpop fan. well, i was an addict before until they grew bigger and there are so many kpop groups now. its too crowded, i fell out of love.

i am also a drama addict. be it kdrama or jdrama. i have 3 HDDs full of them. that's why i said earlier, i benefit from the communities and some friends and since i don't post i make it a point to thank them for sharing since it's their hard work (i may be a leecher to just benefit from them but at least i appreciate what they do and respect their rules for me that is more important).

well i guess that's it. i might or might not post regularly here, but when i do, i guess it will be some random things. but then i'll try to post things about ARASHI, dramas i watched or anything concerning kpop and jpop but it won't be soon. blogging is really not my thing (and i have blogs - isn't it ironic?)
i guess i will make this journal my diary so there may be times that i post, but i'll make them private. maybe when i'm in the mood to share what i feel, then maybe you'll be able to know me more. :)

so let's be friends! i'll be more happy if you're an addict (drama, kpop, jpop) like me, we can talk about those forever! :) i am not picky with friends so, add me! :D
you may find my LJ empty or boring cause i'm new and still learning its ways. but i tell you, it's not a hindrance for making friends, talking, babbling, and fangirling, right? :)


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